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Currently, we only support GO official IDs for GO terms.

GO Query

Please paste the terms you want to query!

GO query functions allow you to query hypergeometric test p-values between GO terms and genes. You can enter a list of GO terms (one per line). Currently, we only support GO IDs for searching GO terms.

Try an example. The example contains a list of GO IDs.

GO Query Search

GO query function allow you to query a list of GO terms and get associated genes for each GO term. Currently, we only support searching using GO IDs.

GO Query Results

The results page contains following components:

Switch GO Terms You can check detailed information of each GO terms by switching GO tabs.
Download Functions You can download GO-gene association p-values for one specific GO term in a csv file by clicking the 'Download Data' button, or you can download association p-values in a compressed file by clicking the 'Download All' button.
Basic Information Basic Information display the information of a specific GO term (name, GO ID, link to AMIGO, total number of occurrences in PubMed abstracts)
Results Table Results table provides the raw p-value and a Bonferroni-corrected p-value between the GO term and other genes.

Unmatched GOs

Similar as gene query, if there are GO IDs unmatched during the search, the GO IDs are displayed in a red box.