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ID Mapper

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Currently, our query functions only support HGNC IDs. The ID Mapper can take in a list of gene names/synonyms and return mapped HGNC IDs.

Try an example. The example contains HGNC IDs, gene names and gene symbols.

Supported Input Example of Input Example of Output
Gene Names breast cancer 1 BRCA1
Gene Synonyms BRCC1 BRCA1
Ensembl ID ENSG00000012048 BRCA1
NCBI Accession NM_007294 BRCA1
Previous Names/Synonyms PNCA4 BRCA1
Copy Selected

You can copy mapped HGNC IDs into your clipboard and use them in the query functions. First, you need to select the ones you want to copy. All unique matched terms are selected by default. Next, you need to click on the 'Copy Selected' button to copy selected terms into your clipboard. Note, if multiple queried terms are mapped to the same HGNC ID, the function only copies one HGNC ID to your clipboard.

Search Again

You can return to the search page and start over by clicking on 'Search Again'.

No Match

If there is no match for a queried term. The term will show up in the red box. You can click 'x' on the top-right to close the box.

Find Similar Term

For terms without matches, you can click on 'Search for Similar Terms'. The search function will retrieve top 5 matches in our database for each of the term. It will take a while if there are many unmatched terms.

Multiple Matches

There are possibilities that a name/synonym return multiple matches. Most duplicates are resulted from previous gene synonyms. Some synonyms are annotated for two or more different genes, thus can return multiple matches. You can check the box in the right to select the one you want and copy to your clipboard.

Check Documentation

If you forget the above information when you head to the results page. Do not worry, you can still check documentation by clicking on the book icon.